Work in Progress


This work best reflects the daily life in our firm. Multiple projects of different kinds, crazy deadlines, periods of calm while projects go through entitlement processes or bidding; the staccato life of an architect!
Designs evolve, ideas spawn new ideas, clients, codes, zoning ordinances, contractors all contribute to shape the final design.

Artist Home 

This a remodel and addition for an artist client located on a peninsular in the Huron River in Ann Arbor.

The program includes remodeling the existing home, retaining as much of the existing structure as part of the sustainability goals for the project, adding a new daily living wing and a new second floor master, all oriented to enjoy the river.

At the heart of the home is a gallery space for the artist and her work. Clerestory lighting will flood this area with natural light and the walls are designed to handle the large scale pieces for which the artist is well known.


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